End of 2020 Wrap Up and Award Eligibility

I wasn’t planning on doing an award eligibility post. To be perfectly honest, I don’t follow enough awards to know exactly what I am eligible for. However, someone liked one of my stories enough to put it on the Nebula reading list, so I figured, why not? Maybe some of these stories struck deeper than I know.

Also, an end of the year wrap up is a great way to share some of my writing that may have gotten lost in the shuffle this year. While you can always check out my published elsewhere section to see my latest writing, here’s a more thorough rundown of this year’s writing.

Horror / Dark Fantasy

  • Scorpion Kiss with Dread Imaginings / November 2020
    Scorpion Kiss is set in the Tucson desert, following a young woman who gains the strength to stand up against her abusive boyfriend through a scorpion bite.
  • Ghosts of Tinder with Bards & Sages Quarterly / April 2020
    A flash piece exploring the dangers of hook-up culture and reminding us to be safe on the internet.


  • Source and Sedition in Zooscape / September 2020
    A short story featuring an octopus rider who takes tradition into her own hands.

Science Fiction

  • Screen Time in Daily Science Fiction / September 2020
    A flash piece examining parenting and technology.
  • Touch in Socially Distant: Quarantales / August 2020
    A short story that takes our quarantine measures a step further and explores our need for touch and social contact.
  • SoulShine in Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses with Third Flatiron Press / June 2020
    A short story about VR implants and love explored via a pokemon-like game.
  • Church of the Five Saints with No Greater Love: Martyrs of Earth and Elsewhere / February 2020
    How will religion look when we spread to different planets? How will the church change? A short story that asks those questions as well as gives a slight interpretation on God.
  • Adjustment Parenting with Daily Science Fiction / January 2020
    A flash piece examining parenting and technology.

Contemporary or Literary Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction

  • Descending the Balkans with Honey & Lime Literary Magazine / January 2020
    A short essay on pollution and travel.

Speculative Poetry

Contemporary Poetry

So, I guess that counts as a quick summary of what I’ve done this year in writing. Looking at it laid out like that, it feels like a lot. At the same time, it doesn’t begin to capture the hours I’ve spent writing and editing and discussing writing with my fellow authors. It has been an amazing year, and I am grateful for all of the editors that took a chance on me and purchased or published my work. I am also grateful to all of the people who took the time to read my stories. It means a lot to me.


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