What’s this Mythsterhood thing?

If you’ve been following any of my social media lately, you’ll see I’m posting quite a bit about the Mythsterhood of Travelling Tales. Okay, maybe not quite a bit, but it comes up from time to time. Maybe you’re curious about this new project of mine. After all, it seems to involve dragons, and what’s not to love about dragons?

The Mythsterhood of Travelling Tales was thought up by my two writing buddies, Jaz and Anike. I know them over from the Ink discord server. One night (it’s always night on Ink, for me) Jaz was talking to me about this new podcast she and Anike thought up. They planned to talk about dragons from all over the world, looking at the different mythology from different cultures. Each episode, we’ll cover a different area of the world, look at things that are unique in their dragon mythology, things they share with others, and absolutely stand-out facts. On our blog, we’ll have companion content in the form of media reviews (mostly books and short stories, but also video games and movies on occasion) and additional dragon-centered lore.

Cool, right? Of course, I elbowed myself into their project. The three of us got to gushing over it, and it became the Mythsterhood. Yeah, like the sisterhood of travelling pants, but with more myths and fewer pants.

Although our main feature is our fortnightly podcast (starting in June), you won’t be hearing me. Instead you’ll get Anike and Jaz on the mics. I’m behind the scenes, running the website and helping with organizational things. You will get plenty of dragon blog content from me, though. And you better believe that a lot of the feminist or socio-psycho content on the podcast is coming from my research.

If you’re not into dragons, that’s okay. Each season, we plan to investigate a different mythology. So while it’s dragons this year, next year it’ll be some other global sensation.

For more information, you can check out our website,

Before we launch (or after) I’d appreciate your thoughts, questions, comments and shares.


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