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You may have noticed my blog has been stagnant for the past few months. Honestly, I’ve had some difficult personal things to deal with and the blog was the first thing to go when I didn’t have the energy for it. But don’t fear, I’ve been keeping up with other aspects of my writing. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on in my writing world:

Shark Week

One of my stories, Source and Sedition, has been reprinted in Shark Week: An Ocean Anthology, edited by Ian Madison Keller. This story was originally published in Zooscape, and I am thrilled that Ian accepted it into this anthology filled with fantastical stories about sea creatures.

Dance in a cuttlefish rave. Join a shark as she attempts to build an airship. Attend an underwater ball thrown by crab-aliens. Watch the last Asian dragon perform in a whale and dolphin circus. Listen to a ballad sung by lobsters and whelks. Hunt for a killer shark with two waring ocean races under a tense truce. Ride squid with the Hell’s Anglerfish seal gang.

But above all, don’t forget to bring a wet suit!

– Shark Week: An Ocean Anthology

My copy is in the mail, and I’ll let you know which stories are my favorite when it gets here. But feel free to let me know which ones you like in the meantime!


Writing has been difficult this year. It’s been hard to concentrate and I haven’t finished a lot of projects. However, I have been taking workshops and reading craft books to help develop my craft, and I hope that shows in my writing.

Wife, Husband, Girlfriend: Polyamorous Poetry

The first four months of this year was taken up by drafting a full collection of polyamorous poetry. I am still working on editing the collection, which has a working title of Wife, Husband, Girlfriend. I am excited to share it with the world, but also a little scared as this is some of the most personal poetry I’ve written.

Breaking Infinity: A Novel

I am still working on my latest novel, which is about prostitution, dragons, and time travel. I am hoping to finish the rough draft during the six weeks of the Clarion West write-a-thon. This is a six week program that allows writers to bond over their craft on slack, attend classes and discussions, and raise money for Clarion West programs. Clarion West is an amazing program that has fostered some of the strongest voices in speculative writing. I hope to attend their live summer workshop some day, but until then, it’s online classes and the write-a-thon for me. If you’d like to support Clarion West, you can donate to my write-a-thon page.

The Golem Master: A Middle Grade Novel

Remember five years ago when I started this journey with a middle grade fantasy novel about golems? I never found an agent for that book, but I am considering self-publishing it. Especially exciting is right now I am recording an audio version for my kids, so there is likely to be an audio version available for people who would prefer to listen. Right now I am in the first four chapters and doing fine-tooth edits as I record. So look for that coming in the next couple of months!

Audio Me

I’d like to remind you about the Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales Podcast, which is ran by me and my two friends Jaz and Anike. We’re just about done with season one, which has covered dragons and serpents from around the world. I’ve even been one of the hosts on the last two episodes, which concentrate on North American mythology. Next we’ll move to South America and wrap things up. We’ll probably take a short break while preparing for the next season.

Also, Jaz will be starting a new podcast in August, which focuses on the process of writing speculative poetry. It is called Into the Looking Glass and I am proud to be one of the first poets Jaz interviewed. So watch for that coming out in early August.

Farewell and Keep In Touch

Before I go, I have one other announcement. I am reviving my personal blog Transitions In the East. If you want stories about an American immigrating to Bulgaria and my journey here, feel free to follow that. Otherwise, sorry I’ve been away so long and I hope you are all doing well during these interesting years.


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