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You may know I work on the Mythsterhood podcast and occasionally (very occasionally) go on the podcast. Usually I like to stay behind the scenes, running the website, researching and writing episodes. But the lovely ladies I work with have made me a lot more comfortable with audio-Koji. This has resulted in me being on more episodes and joining Jaz on her newest podcast about speculative poetry.

The podcast is called Into The Looking Glass and features various speculative poets sharing their thoughts on what makes speculative poetry so special. I believe Jaz has it slated for monthly episodes, but for August, she released two episodes, and I was honored to be the featured poet in the second episode. You can listen to the episode here. We mostly discuss my poetry process, how I got into poetry, and how I wrote Scars that Never Bled. You can pick up a copy of that book on Amazon.

I also tease my upcoming Little Red Riding Hood chapbook and my general poetry about polyamory. Unfortunately, I am not sure which of those will be coming out first or when I will finish them. This summer has left me super scattered, and I am working on several projects at once. I want to make sure both of those projects are the best they can be before I release them into the wild.

However, please do enjoy Jaz’s podcast (which has me reading one of the poems from Scars) and follow her for a lot of interesting, beautiful content.


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