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If I Die, I Die

A bit of a response to the covid-19 pandemic. This is in response to an article on a young woman who was buying plane tickets.

If I Die, I Die

If I die, I die.
A millennial books three flights
hopes the capital G
will forgive her loans
before the interest
Thank Covid-19
for ghost flights
and cheap AirBnBs.

A test costs $1300.
She could experience Florida
her first spring break.
A test costs $36.
Don’t worry,
Capital G
will pay for you.
The test is free.
No one can get one.

But they can get
toilet paper
hand sanitizer
a face mask
until they’re gone.
Which was yesterday.

Bills pile up
work is cancelled
becomes the latest swear
the mantra of a generation:
If I die, I die.

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