Valya uses a virtual reality neural implant, Casual, to control her depression and anxiety. Through engaging VR games curated to balance the neurotransmitters in her brain, the device stabilizes her mood and helps infertile Valya to get pregnant.

But the game can be addicting, and lawmakers are worried parents will neglect their babies in favor of their augmented reality. Valya’s gaslighting ex-boyfriend won’t help with the baby and Valya can’t afford a nanny, so her obstetrician demands she wean off Casual before giving birth.

Determined to be the best single mother possible, Valya heeds her OB’s warnings. But despite a will to quit and a supportive new love-interest in her birthing class, stopping the VR treatment turns her anxiety into full-blown panic attacks.

Her psychiatrist offers to enroll her in a controversial clinical trial that would place an implant in the baby, allowing Valya to keep hers active and bring her infant into the VR space with her. Valya must decide whether she should attempt parenting without the therapy keeping her stable or install a minimally-tested device in her vulnerable child.

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