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Middle Grade: Fantasy

Tuck isn’t like the other golems living in the enchanted forest of Galata. He’s bigger and made of sand instead of slick, oily mud. He can even speak like a human boy. The other golems never let him forget he’s different, and they are especially jealous when the golem master picks Tuck for a special mission: to infiltrate the local middle school, befriend a young girl, and steal a magical ink from her father.

But Tuck’s target, Sylvia, turns out to be nicer than he imagined a human could be. She’s kind, patient, and even teaches Tuck how to read. Tuck begins to imagine a life filled with more than just stealing for his master and being pushed around by the other golems.

When Sylvia suspects Tuck might not be a human boy, the master threatens to unmake Tuck unless he can find the ink. Tuck must choose between obeying his master or trusting a girl he hardly knows to help him break the ancient magic binding him to his master.

“Let your body be a mirror, To those you walk among, Fade to those who see you clearer, As a human you become.” A human? The excitement the master promised me earlier finally starts to bubble in me. He touches the marble to my left arm. It’s cold now, and send shivers through my small body. Or is that the magic working? I can never tell the difference between cold and magic.

Current Status: On Pause