This year started out well enough. I got my first full manuscript request for Casual, and a few of my publications hit.

Adjustment Parenting brought me lots of new visitors to my website and connections with different readers and writers, which was a lot of fun for me. It’s thrilling to get recognized for me writing after working so hard at it these past years.

I have a funky new obsession with Frankenstein going on, plenty of shorts on submission, and three new shorts in the works. I also am ramping up my queries for Casual, and working on my latest novel.


  • Adjustment Parenting in Daily Science Fiction. Daily Science Fiction was the first professional level publication that I could ever see myself getting published in. Last year I sent several flash stories to them, and in early December they accepted one of my favorite pieces. Adjustment Parenting is a flash bordering on micro fiction, but it is an honest, vulnerable piece that deals with the difficult choices parents make for their children.
  • Descending the Balkans in Honey & Lime Literary. Honey & Lime was the first publication to accept a piece of mine, so I am excited to have a second piece of CNF with them. This piece describes one of my trips to Sofia when I was attending weekly dance classes there.


  • Aboard the Becky Thatcher, a review, was accepted for the March issue of ParABnormal Magazine.


  • My poem will be out in the February 3rd issue of Lucent Dreaming. (Changed publication from January to February)

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